Saturday, March 28, 2009

seven months and crawling

Last night and this morning Libby took her first few leaps forward into the world! She's not all over the place (yet) but she is definitely able to start getting where she wants to go. I'm not sure that she's setting her sights very high yet, last night she was crawling to get one of Gilmore's bones and this morning she was going after her Mommy's slipper.
Grandma Whitman came down to spend the day with Libby on Friday. I'm sure she'll have some pictures up on Kathy's Online Scrapbook soon enough, but I thought I'd post a few of her from the last week or so. They'll also be in Our Gallery for libby month seven and libby month eight.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ready to crawl

Lately Libby has been exhibiting some signs that she is ready to start crawling.
She loves her "tummy time" and has been pulling her legs up and rocking back and forth like she's ready to start moving. Tonight she had her legs going, but she needs to get her arms on board with the process. While we're very proud of her for getting close to this milestone so early, we're sure we'll be eating our words when we're chasing her all over the house!
So here's a little video clip of her most recent attempts along with an example of the tongue clicking that she's become pretty prolific with lately.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

green goddess

Libby tried her second solid food tonight—fresh avocado. I mashed it up with a little breastmilk, and she seemed to like it. She didn't clamp her mouth shut, and she actually opened it a few times. Maybe she will get the hang of this eating thing afterall.

While I was fixing myself some dinner, I gave her a wooden spoon and showed her how to hit things on her exersaucer with it. She just wanted to chew on it, though. I was afraid she was going to poke her eye out or give herself a tonsillectomy, so I had to take it away from her. Maybe we're not quite ready for kitchen utensils yet.

Monday, March 09, 2009

big girl weekend

Libby had some big girl milestones this weekend. First, she tried her first solid food (besides rice cereal and oatmeal), which was sweet potatoes. The first night, she hardly ate any because she wouldn't open her mouth. This is a new problem--she clamps her mouth shut like a vice whenever we try to put food, vitamins or Tylenol in it. Last night, she did a little better. I gave her her own spoon to hold and, whenever she shoved her own spoon in her mouth, I snuck some sweet potatoes in with it. She actually seemed to like them better than the oatmeal, so I'm hoping she'll eventually willingly open up. We were going to start with avocado because I've read that it's similar to breast milk in taste since it's creamy and buttery, but the one we bought wasn't ripe. That's next on the list!

We also bought Libs a sippy cup, just so she could play with it and start to get a sense of what it's for. Clearly, she doesn't grasp the concept yet, but she's interested in it. Sometimes I take the valve out of it and tip it back in her mouth so that water flows freely out of it. I'm hoping that will help her understand that she has to suck on it like a bottle to get liquid out of it. Right now, she just likes to chew on it, and not just on the spout, as you can tell from the photos.

Yesterday we ventured out to our new Target, and Libby sat in the cart big-girl style for the first time. I forgot the camera, but she was all cushy with her shopping cart cover, blankets stuffed all around her and all her toys. She's still a little small for it, so she needs a little propping, but she did great and seemed to like getting out of the house.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

two peas in a pod

A few weeks ago we snapped these cute photos of Morgan and Libby in the same outfit. Aren't they sweet little cousins! Check out our gallery for more.

Also, there are lots of pictures in the gallery of Libby's 6th month and Grandma Whitman's visit!

Monday, March 02, 2009

thanks grandma!

We can't thank Grandma Whitman enough for coming down last week to watch Libby for us while we were at work. It was really nice having you here and I think Libby had a lot of fun with you.
We didn't get much video time in while you were here, but here's a little something of the two of you and a few photo highlights from the week.