Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quiet Time

Things have been pretty quiet around Whitman HQ, which is pretty typical for January. After celebrating New Year’s with Matt & Amanda, we’ve mostly been hunkered down under blankets watching TV, though we’ve seen a few friends here and there.

Last weekend my dad was in town. It was nice to have him here with no agenda, and we enjoyed hanging out with him, Katie and Casey. We had some good meals, and he helped us with a few little projects, which we always appreciate.

Work is good for both me and Kevin. I’m never slow at work, but this time of year is the least hectic--a nice break after all the holiday hoopla. Kevin is gearing up for another bank conversion, so he was in Atlanta for a few days last week and will be traveling there for two days again in February. I’m glad he won’t be gone for a full week this time, like he was in November.