Sunday, January 24, 2010

computer complications

I intended to blog about all of our Christmas festivities, but our computer has been buggy, especially iPhoto, where we keep all of our images. Turns out you take a lot of photos and movies when you have a kid, and they take up a lot of hard drive space. We're maxed out on storage, and our computer has been very slow. We've ordered an external hard drive to store movies and photos on, so we should be back in business soon.

We really haven't been very busy since Christmas. We've spent the past few weekends hunkered down at home. We've done a few projects and just hung out in our PJs. We did have a full day yesterday. Kevin went apartment hunting with Liz in the morning. Then Keith and Kathy stopped by on their way home from Florida in the afternoon. And we had an impromptu dinner out with Doug, Sue and Gus, then had them over for dessert. It was fun to finally see some friends!

I'm sure our social life will pick up soon, though. And once our computer is working optimally again, we'll update our Mobile Me Gallery and our blog with more photos and videos. Libby is changing a lot. She's starting to try to say a lot more words. And she's definitely developing strong opinions about what she does and doesn't want to do! Oh, and the kid eats like a horse, but still only weighs about 20 pounds! She must have a killer metabolism. I'm eager to learn her actual weight and height at her 18-month appointment in February. Six months is a long time to go between appointments.

I hope everyone is having a happy January!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


On December 19th, we went to see "Awaited," the Christmas program at Crossroads church. They had the lobby set up like a Christmas village, and Libby loved running around and looking at all the decorations and other people. Plus, she got a cookie! And we had our family photo taken before the show started. The show was so well done—powerful and engaging! Libby absolutely loved it and sat still the entire time, first on Mommy's lap and then on Daddy's. Auntie Liz and Tyana were both in the choir, so it was fun to see them and to see Liz's family. Libby, ever the social butterfly, reached out for Liz's sister—who she doesn't know at all— to hold her. Maybe she thought she was Liz; they do look alike. But is was very cute!

cookies, cocoa and caroling party

Brandon & Callie

Liz & Libby

Kevin, Casey & Cameron

Tyana, Callie & Sarah

Katie, Libby, Sarah & Morgan

Kevin showing his Christmas spirit

Libby all dressed up to party

We had a very fun and busy December. So busy that we didn't have much time to share photos and news on our blog. So I thought I'd catch everyone up with a couple of overdue posts.

Our first Christmas celebration was a "cookies, cocoa and caroling" party. We recently got our player piano—which my dad bought in 1982—repaired and tuned, and we have several Christmas piano rolls. So we gathered a small group of friends—folks that Kevin knows from college and my sister—for a late afternoon get-together. We provided hot chocolate, homemade marshmallows and popcorn, and everyone brought a batch of cookies to share/swap. We were initially bummed that several folks couldn't come. But we quickly realized how full our small house becomes when you put 5 kids in it, and the group we had seemed to be the perfect size. The kids loved the piano and the snacks, and we ended the night with pizza. Such fun!