Sunday, January 23, 2011

neighbor girls

We are so fortunate to have a little girl just 2 weeks older than Libby living right next door to us. Even better, Ariella has super nice parents, so it's fun to have play dates with them or just socialize in the driveway. The week before Christmas they invited us over to bake holiday cupcakes. The decorating didn't last too long, but they loved it, and I think they enjoyed eating their cupcakes even more.

Yesterday we took the girls to Joseph Beth Booksellers to see a little preview of the Cincinnati Ballet's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and Ariella was there, too. Libby and Ari are both really interested in ballet and love to dance. They were both smitten with the older dancer dressed as a fairy and had their pictures taken with her. Libby went back a second time just to give her a hug.

So enjoy some photos of Libby and Ariella (and Lilah) as their friendship blossoms!