Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Where in the world is... Kevin Whitman?

A quick scroll down the page revealed to me that I have not written a post since our birthday party nearly two months ago. Shame on me! What have I been doing with my time? Obviously life must have been moving at such a breakneck speed that I didn't even have a moment to update all of you on what has been going on. Or nothing has been going on at all. I think it must be a mix of the two.
Anyway, I have been spending a lot of time on our iMac. I LOVE IT! For you PC users out there that are afraid to try something new, fear not. Macs are so easy to use, I keep thinking it should be harder. If you are in the market for a new computer, seriously spend some time at your local Apple Store. And if you don't have an Apple Store, come visit us. We do.
So, my favorite new feature is iTunes! I spent about a week transferring our entire CD collection into iTunes. 3,234 songs and 12.72GB later, we have access to every song we own with the click of a mouse. And syncing everything to Sarah's iPod is super easy. Now, I need to get a new iPod nano (**gift idea**, I like the green one). I've had an mp3 player for a few years that I love to use, but I figured out this weekend that it does not work with our music files on iTunes. Stink. So now, I do sort of need that nano...
Anyway, it is visitor week in the Whitman home. Stan and Candy were here this weekend and just left this morning to head back to AZ. Tomorrow my parents will be staying with us on the way down to their time share in South Carolina. Anyone else want to stop by?
So, I sincerely apologize for my lack of posts recently and I promise that you will start seeing more from here on out!

Friday, September 01, 2006


I'm surprised Kevin hasn't already posted about this because he's been like a kid on Christmas morning, but we got a new computer! It's a super sweet 17inch iMac that we'll both share, and it's so pretty! We were both in sore need of computer upgrades, and we decided it was kind of silly to buy 2 new computers. I'm really excited to have a brand-new one, though, because all of my past computer have been hand-me-downs, and the latest one (the iMac we bought for my brother in 1998) was painfully slow compared to the one I use at work.

We also got a new printer and computer armoire, so we no longer have two cluttered desks taking up space in the office. And I got a video iPod (we'll probably share it). I don't have an MP3 player, and it was too great of a deal to pass up (we got it so cheap using Katie's student discount, which we also used to buy the computer, printer and Microsoft Office software).

We couldn't have afforded this purchase without the freelance work I've been cranking out for the last 3 weeks, so thanks Freelance Gods. I finished those articles up earlier this week, which was a huge relief. I thought I would have to do more work on them because what I turned in were technically drafts, but my editor said they were in great shape and didn't require any fine-tuning on my part. I'll let you know when they're posted online.

So now that I'm done with that, Kevin and I will both have some time to play on our new computer (I've been hogging it for article writing and research). Gotta go!